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CreateVR - Can You Walk The Walk?

Interactive experience

Can You Walk The Walk?

See the view only one man has seen.


Sony Pictures




PlayStation VR



VR Focus


Clio Key Art Award 2015 [Silver] – Theatrical: Engagement/ Experiential

Digital Hollywood VR Best of 2015 – Best in Overall VR Experience

Lumiere Award – Best Theatrical VR Experience

Seeing the possibilities

To promote Sony Pictures' film The Walk globally, we wanted to recreate the deciding moment of the film for viewers in the most visceral (and safest) way possible: using virtual reality. People should walk away from the experience thinking ”I can’t believe he really did that”.


Entering the world

Just as Philippe Petit did in real life, in VR viewers step off the ledge of The World Trade Center onto a tightrope and begin to walk across. We wanted them to truly believe they are there in that moment, with all the fear and awe that would accompany such an amazing event. It was built exclusively using Sony hardware, using visual effects and audio elements taken directly from the film. A wind machine and wire on the ground give viewers tactile feedback for what they virtually see and touch, adding to the immersion.

Sharing the experience

The VR experience traveled to more than 17 flagship IMAX theatres around the world, from Dubai to Seoul, with a standee that allowed moviegoers to take photos in real life that mimicked the view in the VR headset.

The Response

The sense of height was truly experienced by participants – some more than others! Stepping off the ledge feels so real that 25% of participants could not take a step.

The Results

  • Thousands of people had a 1-on-1, captivating experience promoting the film
  • Foreign box office was over 80% of total gross
  • Press coverage continues 6 months after the initial release