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CreateVR - Ouija 2: Origin of Evil

360 Video

Ouija 2: Origin of Evil

Have you ever experienced a full-blown haunting? Prepare to enter a living nightmare with no escape.


Universal Pictures


15 markets

9 Languages


17,000,000+ views




Seeing the possibilities

Create a piece of engaging VR content to support the release of Ouija: Origin of Evil for Universal Pictures International.

The Ouija 2: Origin of Evil

The 360 experience

Entering the World

The Ouija VR experience places the audience at the dining room table of the Zander family home in 1967. Participants are face to face with a Ouija board and find themselves in the midst of a séance which becomes a full blown haunting.

Building the reality

We built the environment to allow for both an interactive experience as well as a pre-rendered mobile VR version to run on the Samsung Gear and which could be shared across social media channels.

We took care to design the space to be stylistically in line with the setting from the movie, while placing elements around the scene which we could use to create tension.

We filmed our ‘Doris’ character in a green screen studio in London to create a human figure to place into the environment. The sound design was tailored to allow the tension to build before the jumps, timing the events to create the most impact and keeping viewers unsettled as much as possible.

Sharing the experience

The Ouija VR experience was translated into multiple languages for international markets and received over 17 million views on social media platforms within 7 days, making it one of the most viewed pieces of 360° content online. Events were run in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, Russia, Turkey and Taiwan for influencers and members of the public. Participants were given the opportunity to experience the VR in settings complete with real Ouija board and set dressings designed to further unsettle audiences and create greater engagement.