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CreateVR - First Man VR

Interactive Experience

First Man VR

2019 Emmy Nominee for Outstanding Interactive Program


Universal Pictures


Universal Pictures, RYOT and CreateVR deployed state-of-the-art virtual reality tech to create an experience so real, it's as close as you can get to going to the moon without leaving Earth.

You begin our journey in NASA's Mission Control, where you can explore and see exclusive video of First Man, including interviews with Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle (La La Land), and stars Ryan Gosling and Claire Foy about the courage and daring of the Apollo 11 mission.

You are then placed in Armstrong's shoes — and in his seat — inside the Apollo 11 Command Module, seconds before launch. The interior of the spacecraft is historically accurate and finely detailed in the placement and appearance of every switch, knob, dial and window.

You feel the immense, barely contained power of the Saturn V rocket as it lifts you out of Earth's orbit and into zero-gravity.

Then, you will arrive at Day 4 of the mission, in lunar orbit, and will begin the descent to the surface of the moon.

You will pilot the Lunar Module, The Eagle, next to fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin (Corey Stoll), as you experience, firsthand, Armstrong's grit, determination and nerves of steel as you land safely on the lunar surface. Both the Earth and the moon are built to scale, so the veracity and authenticity of the experience is as close to reality as possible.

FIRST MAN is the latest cinematic VR theater experience to debut on Voyager®, the world's first full-motion chair designed for cinematic VR, created by technology studio Positron. Voyager® delivers a completely new level of immersion in VR by providing a comfortable, fully integrated personal VR theater that incorporates motorized rotation and pitch motion, haptic feedback, volumetric 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom), interactivity, spatial audio, premium VR headsets, and specialized seating.